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Fereikos-Helix joins Endeavor’s Global Network


We are very happy and proud to announce that

Fereikos has been selected

to become a member of the most exclusive entrepreneurs network in the world.


We would like to inform you that Fereikos has been awarded as an National Champion by the European Business Awards.





The International Institute of Snail Farming was founded by Dr. Giovanni Avagnina, in 1973 in the area of Cherasco, near Turin in northern Italy, as the center of snail farming. One year later the Center received the name “International Institute of Snail farming of Cherasco”.

The Director of the Institute, Dr. Avagnina, studied veterinary medicine and opened the way for prospective breeders who wished to use open, full biological cycle farming. In 1978 Dr. Avagnina founded the National Association of Breeders, which immediately received official recognition by the Italian Ministry of Environment the same year.

He has served as the mayor of Cherasco, the so called “Capital of Snails”, as the administrator and head of several snail-farming companies based in Italy. He is also involved in the processing of snail products, snails trading and provides advice and technical support in Italy and abroad on behalf of legal entities and private companies. In addition, he is the director of the newspaper ¨ Giornale di Elicicoltura ¨ (Journal of Snail Farming) and works as a free-lance writer for many others.

The Institute organizes annual conferences, gastronomic festivals and rewards the best breeders and companies.