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Events Fereikos Helix

Fereikos-Helix joins Endeavor’s Global Network


We are very happy and proud to announce that

Fereikos has been selected

to become a member of the most exclusive entrepreneurs network in the world.


We would like to inform you that Fereikos has been awarded as an National Champion by the European Business Awards.



Fereikos Helix offers free seminars upon appointment , one time per week, at Glyfada Ancient Corinth, to potential snail breeders who have the prerequisites.

These seminars include presentations, videos about snail farming procedure and the services provided by Fereikos. Also include quided tours to our model snail farm located in our premises.
You can send us the soil sample via postage or bring it when you will visit us  together with a water sample from the irrigation source of parcel.
You can also bring your topographic diagram of your field or a sketch of it.
For the soil analysis:
Soil sample from your field (300-400gr) taken from 4-5 different points in a depth of 15-25cm
Cost of soil analysis: 60€ VAT included
For the water analysis:
plastic bottle of 500ml
Cost of water analysis: 
30€ VAT included
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Breeding Snails are selected and hold an official certificate proving the origin, variety and hygiene, all of which are essential elements to international trade.

Snails are purchased by our company only once during the first year of cultivation. In the mid second year the performance of our farm will peak and snail production will become sustainable.





Snails begin to mate in late spring. All snails give birth since there are neither male nor female: Snails are hermaphrodites.

The Helix-Aspersa species does not have a particular month of reproduction. Reproduction mainly depends on climatic conditions.

During the birth period, snails dig a few millimeters of soil in order to place their eggs safely. After a period of 20 days, newborn snails come out on the ground.

Each snail gives birth every 15 minutes and completes the delivery in a time period of 25-30 hours.

Each snail gives 40 – 120 eggs within a diameter of approximately 3 mm.

Newborn snails carry a transparent shell and soon its size will increase if it feeds well.


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